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cooter - 10" Pneumatic Tire/500W Brushless Motor/45KM Range

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cooter - 10" Pneumatic Tire/500W Brushless Motor/45KM Range

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Update: 2020-10-10
Categories:  Electric Scooters


Technology & Features

·10 Inch Anti-Skid Tire - Strong Grip, Wear-resisting and Safe. It's Suitable for Different Kinds of Roads.

·Up to 45KM/H - 15/30/45 KM/H 3 adjustable speed settings to meet your preferences.

·Luxury 500W Motor - Strong power and running farther: 500W motor, Max 45km running distance.

·Front LED Light & Safety Warning Taillight - Bright Red Light to ensure your night riding safety.

·New Generation Suspension System - Dual shock absorption help you enjoy extra miles on all terrain types.

·Threefold Brake System - The electric scooter is equipped with dual disk brake on the front wheel and the rear wheel.



Click here to download the KUGOO M4 user manual.

Click here to download the KUGOO M4 CE Marking.

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